Littell's Living Age/Volume 155/Issue 1999/"Na metade do Ceo subido ardia"

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"Na metade do Ceo subido ardia"[edit]

         (The first mention of "Natercia.")

Flamed on the midway firmamental hill

    The Shepherd genial-clear, what time 'gan stray
    The Goats from greeny meads, and sought the way

To grateful freshness of a cooly rill.

Under the treën leaves and shadows chill

    The Birds took shelter from the burning ray;
    Their modulate psalmody they fain must stay

And air heard nothing save hoarse chirp of gryll.

When Shepherd Liso, lone on grass-grown lea,

    Sought where his cruel Nymph, Natercia, wone'd,
         Wailing with thousand weary sighs his lot;

"Why flee the lover who fares lost for thee

    To one who loves thee not?" (This wise he moan'd);
         And Echo answered (moaning) loves thee not.