Manifest of Réseau de Résistance du Québécois

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As its name suggests, the RRQ is a resistance organization that considers the independence of Quebec as necessary to survival and development of the Quebec nation. He draws inspiration from all situations in our history when Quebeckers have stood courageously against the maneuvers of annihilation or assimilation by the British conquerors of 1760 and its Canadian-French collaborators.

The RRQ invokes the spirit of the patriots of 1837 who led the rebellion against the occupying imperial. It endorses the legacy of Pierre Bourgault RIN and the Parti Québécois of René Lévesque who redefined the framework of the national struggle, placing it now not as a struggle for survival, but as an aspiration for national independence. The RRQ will also rehabilitate the combatants of the Front de liberation du Quebec, who were among the first in the development of Quebec thought to expose and confront the regime in Ottawa as illegitimate usurper and exploiter.

The people of Quebec has already ruled in favor of independence when, in 1995, Quebecers were asked by the government of Jacques Parizeau to vote for or against this option. The population of Quebec has responded yes to 49.4%, but the illegal acts of the federal government allow us to reject the "victory" of the No camp and resume the process towards independence on new foundations. Indeed, it is now common knowledge that the referendum was stolen by the federalist side through fraudulent misuse of Quebec's referendum legislation, and this made not by citizens but by the illegitimate government in Ottawa. Through slush funds and resources similar to those of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), he acted illegally on several levels to derail a process that Quebeckers wanted eminently democratic. Including the naturalization artificial, precipitous and massive new Canadian citizens and promoting the vote illegal English Canadians in Quebec during the consultation (the vote of Ontario students in residence at Bishop's University is an obvious example), the State Canada has hijacked the democratic process. Let's be clear: the Quebec people said yes to independence in 1995.

Moreover, Quebecers have expressed clearly in two major national committees to reach a consensus in Quebec on the future status of Quebec. First, in the Belanger-Campeau in 1992, then during the Commission hearings on the future of Quebec in 1995. All components are most representative of the Quebec nation were then in favor of independence. Consensus was very broad and very clear: they are the unions, farmers, women's associations, student associations, artists, teachers, almost the whole of the constituent bodies of the nation have taken part in independence except for the Employers Council and the colonial bourgeoisie.

The result of 1995, which also more than 60% of the historic French majority voted yes to independence, must now be regarded as a clear determination must. Against this desire for independence expressed many times by the people of Quebec, the Ottawa government opposes his false legitimacy based on a constitution that was never endorsed by the Quebec people, based on a regime that has been imposed by weapons during the Conquest of 1760 and the repression of the Patriots of 1837-38. Forcibly annexed in 1840 in the Union both in Canada and the Confederation of 1867 against popular consensus, we look at the Ottawa government as alien to our national life, imperialist and colonizer.

Accordingly, we believe that the Ottawa government must withdraw from all walks of life in Quebec as quickly as possible. It must withdraw from our territory and stop trying to represent our nation.

The Quebec state, its action and the voice of his government, is now our only legitimate authority on the territory of Quebec.

The federal government, the residue of the British Empire, no longer has any legitimacy for us. Our action now does only one thing: thwart the intrusion of Ottawa in our national life and give back to the Quebec nation, in accordance with the Indian nations, full control of its destiny.

We therefore do not recognize any court of Ottawa on the Quebec territory. We do not recognize any federal law or any decision of the Supreme Court as applicable in Quebec, except in a transient abiding preponderance of Quebec laws. We do not recognize the Canadian army as our military.

The necessary resistance

In short, the Network of Resistance of Quebecers is a revolutionary organization that intends to fight vigorously to liberate the territory of Quebec. Such is the desire and the will of a majority of Quebecers.

Activists RRQ solemnly undertakes to fulfill the will of Quebecers by investing all their intelligence and spirit of sacrifice and elevation required for the great battle of our liberation. They engage their whole being and weld their fate to that of their brothers and sisters in Quebec meet with them for the outcome of this battle hard and getting this much needed independence.

We are a strong nation that has already proven in history that had all the advantages of an active power. Success depends only on our ability to mobilize still refusing to leave falsely convinced by the sirens of the submission, by refusing to surrender to Ottawa. Everywhere on earth, men and women watching our revolution (as independence is one) and hope our victory. Because we do not fight for ourselves, but for a new humanity, a humanity more just and within which people will achieve full emancipation. Our independence will change the face of America and mark the decline of the Great Anglo-Saxon alliance, which it has operated over the centuries, humans everywhere on earth. Our free nation finally intervene in the affairs of the world with the sensibility of people opposed to the great imperialist appetites, they have both shed the blood of the peoples they subjugated. Africa and Haiti can only hope our independence. Palestine ahead. The Basques are watching us. Free Quebec is the hope of the people in chains.

For all these reasons, we do not ever let fly our victories and we do not leave longer dictate our actions by the forces of the bid that lurk in pharmacies in Ottawa. For our children, but also to the memory of our fathers and our mothers, we will fight until our last breath. We are French America that oozes out of his status as defeated. We are the water-carrier who is now his destiny free people! We walk in freedom! We are resistant Quebec libre! We are the Sons and Daughters of Liberty! We Quebec dead or alive! We are We? Who participates in our fight, wherever it comes into this world is our brother or sister!

Now and forever we are our own masters.

We win because we simply have no right to lose!

The Network's Resistance Quebec