Mary's Dream (1812)/The Braes o'Gleniffer

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For other versions of this work, see The Braes o' Gleniffer.

The Braes o Gleniffer.

Air, Bonny Dundee.

Keen blaws the win' o'er the brasse Gleniffer
The auld caſtle turrets are covered wi' ſnaw,
How chang'd froe the time when I met wie my lover,
Amang the broom, beſhes by Stanely to green ſhaw.
The wildflow'rs o' ſimmer were ſpread a' ſae bonnie
The mavis ſang ſweet frae the greens birken tree,
But far to the camp they hae my c'd ray dear Johnnie
An' now it is winter wi' nature an' me.

Then ilk thing around us was blythſome and cherry
Then ilk thing around us was borny an' braw;
Now naething is heard but the wind, whiſting dreams,
An' naethig is ſeen but the wide-ſpreading ſnaw:
The trees are a' bare, an' the birds mute an' dowie,
They are the cald drift frae their wings as they flee,
An' chirp out their plaints, ſeeming wae for my Johnnie,
'Tis winter wi' them, an 'tis winter wi' me.

Yon cald fleety cloud ſkiffs alang, the bleak mountain,
Ak' ſhakes the dark firs on the ſtay rocky brae
While down the deep glen bawls the ſnaw flooded fountain,
That murmur'd ſie ſweet to my laddie an' me:
It's no its loud roar on the wintry wins ſwellin',
It's no.the esult slaat brings the tears i'm e'e,
For, O gin I ſaw but my bonny Scots callan;
The dark days o' winter var ſimmer to me

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.