Mary's Lamb

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          Mary had a little lamb,
             Its fleece was white as snow,
          And every where that Mary went
             The lamb was sure to go;
          He followed her to school one day---
             That was against the rule,
          It made the children laugh and play,
             To see a lamb at school.

          And so the Teacher turned him out,
             But still he lingered near,
          And waited patiently about,
             Till Mary did appear;
          And then he ran to her, and laid
             His head upon her arm,
          As if he said---'I'm not afraid---
             You'll keep me from all harm.'
          'What makes the lamb love Mary so?'
             The eager children cry---

          'O, Mary loves the lamb, you know,'
             The Teacher did reply;---
          'And you each gentle animal
             In confidence may bind,
          And make them follow at your call,
             If you are always kind .'