Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Albert (Archduke of Austria), Frederick Rodolph

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ALBERT (Archduke of Austria), Frederick Rodolph, born August 3, 1817, is the son of the late Archduke Charles and the Princess Henrietta of Nassau-Weilburg. He married, in 1844, the Princess Hildegarde, of Bavaria, who died April 2, 1864. leaving two daughters. At an early age he entered the army, commanded a division in Italy in 1849, took an important part in the battle of Novara, received at the end of the campaign the command of the 3rd Corps d'Armée, and was afterwards appointed Governor-General of Hungary. During a leave of absence accorded to Field-Marshal Benedek, in 1861, he was appointed to the command of the Austrian troops in Lombardy and Venetia. During the campaign of 1866 he gained a victory over the Italian army at Custozza, and, after the battle of Sadowa, he was made (13th July, 1866) Commander-in-Chief of the Austrian army, which title he retained till March, 1869, when he exchanged it for that of Inspector-General of the army. He published, in 1869, a work on "Responsibility in War" (Ueber die Verantwortlichkeit im Kriege). This has been translated into French by L. Dufour, captain of artillery, and an English translation of it is given in Capt. W. J. Wyatt's "Reflections on the Formation of Armies, with a View to the Re-organization of the English Army," 1869.