Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Aldrich, Thomas Bailey

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ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey, born at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Nov. 11, 1836. He entered the counting-house of his uncle, a New York merchant, where he remained three years, during which period he began to write for the journals, and was afterwards for a time proofreader. He has contributed prose and verse to various periodicals, most of which have subsequently been published separately. Among the collected volumes are "The Bells," 1855; "The Ballad of Baby Bell and other Poems," 1856; "The Course of True Love never did Run Smooth," 1858; "Pampinea and other Poems," 1861; a volume of "Poems," 1865; "Cloth of Gold and other Poems," 1874; "Flower and Thorn," 1876; "Lyrics and Sonnets," 1880; and "Friar Jerome's Beautiful Book," 1881. Among his prose tales are "Daisy's Necklace and What Came of it," 1857; "Out of his Head, a Romance in Prose," 1862; "The Story of a Bad Boy," 1869; "Margery Daw," 1873; "Prudence Palfrey," 1874; "The Queen of Sheba," 1877; and "Stillwater Tragedy," 1880. He is now editor of the Atlantic Monthly, Boston.