Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Archer, James

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ARCHER, James, was born in Edinburgh, June 10, 1824, and educated at the High School in that city. He was appointed an Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy in 1850, and a full Academician in 1858. Mr. Archer, who left Scotland for London in 1862, first exhibited in the Royal Academy a cartoon of a design of the Last Supper, followed by an oil picture of the same the year after. He made a series of pictures from the "Morte d'Arthur," of which one was exhibited in the Royal Academy—"The Mystic Sword Excalibur." He painted a series of pictures of children in costume, exhibited in the Royal Academy, of which "Maggie, you're Cheating" is the chief. He became a portrait painter in 1871, exhibiting a portrait of Col. Sykes, M.P., from which time he painted many portraits, one of the principal being that of Professor Blackie.