Men of the Time, eleventh edition/Audisio, Guglielmo

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AUDISIO, Guglielmo, a Piedmontese ecclesiastical writer, was born at Bra in 1802, and educated in the University of Turin. After having filled the chair of Professor of Philosophy there for four years, he was appointed Professor of Theology and Canon Law at the Royal Academy of Superga. In 1850 he was admitted into the Legal Faculty of the University of Rome, where, up to 1872, he was Professor of Public and Private Jurisprudence, and the Philosophy of Right. His work, "Lessons of Sacred Eloquence," went through five Italian editions and one French translation. Another work,"Introduction to Ecclesiastical Studies," was repeated in three Italian editions, and three of foreign languages (Flemish, French, and German). "The Private and Public Bases of the Natural Law" had two Italian editions. Another work, "On the Moral and Physical Education of the Clergy," was translated into French. He is also author of "The Public Right of the Church and of Christian People," 3 vols.; "The Rational Idea of Ecclesiastical Diplomacy;" "Civil and Religious History of the Popes," 5 vols.; "On Political and Religious Societies in the 19th Century" (Florence, 1876). The venerable theologian now resides at Rome.