Militia General Orders, June 12, 1868

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29th "Waterloo" Battalion of Infantry.

No. 6 Company, Ayr.

The resignation of Lieutenant Geo. Wrigley is hereby accepted.

32nd "Bruce" Battalion of Infantry.

No. 2 Company, Kincardine.

To be Lieutenant (temporary) :

Theophilus Francis Buckley, Gentleman, M. S., vice L. Walker, who has left the limits.

34th " Ontario" Battalion of Infantry.

No. 1 Company, Whitby.

To be Captain :

Lieutenant Michael O'Donovan, from No. 4 Co., vice A. Cameron, whose resignation is hereby accepted.

To be Ensign, (temporary) :

Wm. Dow, Gentleman, M. S., vice Jno. McTeague, left the limits.

35th Battalion "The Simcoe Foresters."

No. 10 Company, Rosemount.

To be Ensign, acting till further orders :

James Shaw, Gentleman, vice Henderson, resigned.

48th "Lennox and Addington" Battalion of Infantry.

No. 3 Company, Napanee.

To be Ensign, (temporary) :

Thos. Dorland Pruyn, Gentleman, M. S., vice Anderson, promoted.

52nd "Bedford" Battation of Infantry.

No. 4 Company, Waterloo.

To be Lieutenant (temporary) :

Ensign C. C. Eldridge, M. S., vice B. Longley, whose resignation is hereby accepted.

To be Ensign, acting till further orders :

Sergeant George Codd, vice Eldridge, promoted.

55th " Megantic" Battalion of Infantry.

Major Brock Carter is late of H. M's. 1st Foot, and not the 18th as was stated in the General Order No. 1, of the 29th ultimo.

57th " Peterborough," Battalion of Infantry.

No. 2 Company, Lakefield.

To be Ensign, acting till further orders :

Thomas Q. Dench, Gentleman, vice Sheppee, promoted.

No. 3 Company, Peterborough.

To be Captain (temporary) :

Lieutenant James C. Kennedy, M. S., vice J. W. Kennedy, resigned.

To be Lieutenant (temporary) :

Ensign Josh, H. Kennedy, M. S., vice J. C. Kennedy, promoted.

To be Ensign, acting till further orders :

Color Sergeant Jno. W. Bell, vice Josh. H. Kennedy, promoted.

Ottawa Provisional Battalion.

Ensign and Adjutant Jno. P. McPherson, M. S., to have the rank of Lieutenant.

2nd Infantry Company, Beauharnois.

To be Captain, (temporary) :

Lieutenant Joseph Prudhomme, M. S., vice Z. Renaud, left the limits.

To be Lieutenant, acting till further orders :

Ensign L. Bisaillon, vice Prudhomme, promoted.

Ste. Martine Infantry Company.

To be Captain (temporary) :

Lieutenant Louis Turcot, M. S., vice J. Taillefer, left the limits.

To be Lieutenant, acting till further orders :

Ensign Napoleon Lame, vice Turcot, promoted.

Thurso Infantry Company.

To be Captain, (temporary.)

Lieutenant W. C. Edwards, M. S., vice Jno. A. Cameron, whose resignation is hereby accepted.

To be Lieutenant (temporary) :

E. H. Cameron, Gentleman, M. S., vice Edwards, promoted.

To be Ensign (temporary):

A. H. Edwards, Gentleman, M. S., vice Jno. A. Cameron, whose resignation is hereby accepted.


To be Captain :

1st Lieutenant John Peters, London Field Battery.

No. 4.

The undermentioned Officers having obtained the necessary certificates of qualification are now confirmed in their respective ranks from the dates of those Certificates, those from the Military School temporarily, viz:

Lieutenant d'Arcy Edward Boulton, Cobourg Troop of Cavalry, 1st June, 1868.
Lieutenant George Stewart, Mooretown Mounted Infantry, 4th May, 1868.
Ensign Duncan Cunningham, do do
Captain Alexander R. McDonald, M. S., 16th Battalion, 22nd May, 1868.
Lieut. Orvil R. Leroy, M. S., 41st Battalion, 12th July, 1867.
Ensign William Cook, M. S., 41st do 3rd September, 1867.
" Alfred J. Isaacson, M. S., 6th do 8th May, 1868.
" James Morwood, M. S., 44th do 1st May, 1868.
" Charles Wilson, M. S., 33rd do 16th May, 1868.

No. 5.

The following Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the Volunteer Cavalry have been granted Certificates by the Commandant of the Cavalry School.

Lt. George Stewart, Mooretown Mounted Infantry.
Cornet Duncan Cunningham, dododo
Lieutenant D'Arcy Edward Boulton, Cobourg Troop.
" James Jones Bell, 41st Battalion V. M.
Sergeant Philip Grobb, St. Catherines Troop.
" James Curran Morrow, Barrie Mounted Infantry.
" George M. Warren, Queenston ""
Corporal Robert Shellington, Burford Troop.
Private Edward Wilton, Governor Genl's Body Guard.
Private James A. de la Hooke, Governor General's Body Guard.


No. 6.

The following Candidates for Commissions in the Service Militia have received Certificates from the Commandants of the Schools of Military Instruction:

First Class Certificates.
Regimental Divisions. Names.
Hochelaga Joseph B. Walkem, Gentleman,
do Geoffrey W. Porteous, do
do Lt.-Col. Robert Lovelace,
Quebec Alex. Robertson, Gentleman.
Second Class Certificates.
L'Assomption Thomas Moore, Gentleman,
Carleton P. Ont Sidney A. Dunlevie, do
Hochelaga. Charles McLoughlin, do
do Cornwallis Nichols, do
do John J. O'Brien, do
do Arnold G. Fenwick, do
do John A. Grant, do
do Lindsay D. Sims, do
do Ensign Alfred G. Isaacson, Hochelaga John McArthur, Gentleman,
do Joseph E. Rouleau, do
do John W. Shepherd, do
do John Lord, do
do Albert J. Glassford, do
do William J. Harman, do
Kamouraska G. Dominique Lapointe, do
do Joseph Miville DeChesne, do
do Louis Lusignan, do
Levis Ludger Lemieux, do
Quebec Louis A. Boisvert, do
do Louis Delisle, do
do Henri Chouinard, do
do Edmond Lynd. do
do Charles St. Pierre, do
do Richard H. Hunter, do
do Magloire Letourneau, do
do Joseph Bussière, do
do Patrick Horan, Jr. do
do Thomas Wm. Davis, do
do Louis Dasilva, do
do James Ellis, do
do Honoré Bollard, do
do Francis Walsh, do
do John Jordan, do
do Napoleon Bussière, do
Richmond William Watson, do

Province of Ontario.
First Class Certificates.
Regimental Divisions. Names.
Frontenac. Richard Almond, Gentleman,
Prince Edward Capt. Alex, R. McDonald,
do Richard L. Hayes, Gentleman,
Stormont John Causley, do
Second Class Certificates.
Durham George G. Allen, Gentleman,
Frontenac Thomas Graham, do
do Archibald Strachan, do
do Charles Graham, do
do Joseph Bell, do
do Cornelius Reddin, do
Halton John Breckou, do
do Christopher Cusick, do
Huron Lieut. John McDonald,
do Ensign Charles Wilson,
Kent David Bedford, Gentleman,
Lambton William G. Willoughby, do
Northumberland Alex. M. Reid, do
Ontario Robert Dillon, do
Peel James Armstrong, do
Simcoe Claude Edward Holt, do
do Sandford R. Smith, do
Victoria Richard LaTouche Tupper, do
Welland Ensign James Morwood,
do Melbourne H. Tupper, Gentleman,
Wellington Herbert Swinford, do
do Robert Scott, do
do George Allingham, do
do George Leslie, do
Wentworth Daniel Murphy, do
York Edward Oliver Gordinge, do
do David W. Evans, do
do Alex. M. Muckle, do
do Godfrey M. Donnelly, do
do Richard G. Tremain, do
do Henry A. Williams, do
do George Si Crawford, do

By Command of His Excellency of the Right Honorable the Governor General and Commander in Chief.

P. L. MacDOUGALL, Colonel,
Adjutant General of Militia,


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