Mishneh Torah/The Book of Love/The Order of Prayer

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There is a positive commandment to pray every day, as it says "And you shall serve Hashem Your G-D". From tradition, it is known that this "service" refers to prayer, as it says "And you Shall Serve Hashem your G-D". Our Sages say: What is this "service of the heart"?- prayer. However praying with a quorum: (minyan) is not obligated by the Torah, nor is the order mandated by the Torah, nor are the times for prayer mandated by the Torah. Therefore, woman and servents are obligated in prayer, because it is a positive commandment that is not mandated by time".

So the commandment to pray (consists of the following): That one prays every day, and (first) gives praise to the Holy One Blessed be He, and then asks of G-D for whatever he needs through requests supplication and pleading, and (finishes with) giving praise and thanks to G-D for the good that he gives one- everyone according to their ability.