Mongolia, the Tangut country, and the solitudes of northern Tibet. Volume 1/On Kumiz and Darasun

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P. 54.

Col. Prejevalsky makes these two drinks identical, but he is surely wrong. Darásun is the Chinese rice-wine, or something analogous. Kovalefsky gives 'Darasoun, Chinese hoang-tsieou . . . des boisson fortes; vin ordinaire fait avec des grains; vin jaune.' William de Rubruk gives a catalogue of Mongol drinks in the following words:—'Tunc ipse fecit a nobis queri quid vellemus bibere, utrum vinum vel terracinam [darásun], hoc est cervisiam de risio, vel caracosmos [kara-kumiz] hoc est clarum lac jumenti, vel bal, hoc est medonem de melle. Istis enim quatuor potibus utuntur in hyeme' (p. 305-6).—[Y.]