Muncer, Thomas (Col1701)

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For works with similar titles, see Münzer, Thomas.

MUNCER, (Thomas) was called Luther 's Vicar because he taught the same Doctrine in Saxony. But afterwards he made himself Head of the Anabaptists and Enthusiasts in 1525. feigning to have particular Revelations from God, and preached both against the Lutherans and Roman Catholicks. He joined with Nicholas Stork and Pseiffer, and having drawn a prodigious number of Peasants to him, he boldly declared, That God could no longer bear the Sovereign's Tyranny, and the Magistrates Injustice, and had commanded him to destroy them, to put godly Men in their Places. By such Doctrines they raised a considerable Army of wicked People, which caused great Disorders in Germany; but they were all cut to Pieces, or made Prisoners. Muncer and Pseiffer were beheaded, the first being converted before he died; but the other unwilling to recant his Doctrine, died obstinate. Maimbourg, Hist. de Lutheranism.