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MUNICK, or Munich, on the Iser, Lat. Monachum and Monachium. The Chief Town of Bavaria in Germany, and the Residence of the Dukes, is counted one of the pleasantest and strongest of Germany. It was built in 962, and walled about by Duke Otho in 1156, or 57. The Prince's Court is extraordinary Polite, and the Palace one of the most stately of Germany for its divers Apartments,precious Houshold-goods, Gardens, Pictures, Riches, the Duke's Closet full of Curiosities, the fine Library, &c. The Town is very fine, its Streets are broad and straight, with Houses almost of the same Architecture. The Suburb is on the other side of the fine Bridge. Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, took this Town in 1632, and admired the Palace built by the Elector Maximilian; where Marble is as common, as if the whole Country were a Marble Quarry. Each Corner, Nich, Door, and Chimny, has a Statue drawn half-way. The Hall of Anticks contains 354 such Statues of Jafper, Porphyry, Brass, and Marble of all Colours. In the first GalIery are an 100 Pictures of Illustrious Men, chiefly for Learning. The. Cieling of the second Gallery represents the Chief Towns of Bavaria; its Rivers and Castles, &c. One of Gustavus 's Captains persuading him to destroy the Palace; he answered, That he should be sorry to rob the world of so fine a thing. Cluvier, Descr. Germ. Bertius, l. 3. Germ. &c.