My Country is My Love

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My country is my love,
To whom I’ve given my heart.
To you I sing, my greatest happiness,
My flowering Estonia!
Your pain boils in my heart,
Your pride and joy makes me happy,
My country, my country!

My country is my love,
I shall never leave her,
Even if I must die hundred deaths
Because of for her!
Does the foreign envy slander,
You still live in my heart,
My country, my country!

My country is my love,
And I want to rest,
To lay down into your arms,
My sacred Estonia!
Your birds will sing sleep to me,
flowers will bloom from my ashes,
My country, my country!

Mo issama on minno arm!

Mo issama on minno arm,
Kel süddant annud ma,
Sull' laulan ma, mo üllem õn,
Mo õitsew Eestima!
So wallo süddames mul keeb,
So ön ja rõõm mind rõõmsaks teeb,
Mo issama!

   Mo issama on minno arm.
Ei tedda jätta ma,
Ja peaks sadda surma ma
Sepärrast surrema!
Kas laimab wõera kaddedus,
Sa siiski ellad süddames,
Mo issama!

   Mo issama on minno arm,
Ja tahhan puhkada,
So rüppe heidan unnele,
Mo pühha Eestima!
So linnud und mull' laulawad,
Mo põrmust lilled õitsetad,
Mo issama!