Myths and Tales from the San Carlos Apache/The Winning of Daylight (Second Version)

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The Winning of Daylight (Second Version)[edit]


They say long ago there was nothing in the sky. It was night all the time and people traveled by the aid of fire carried in their hands.

Coyote called the people all together saying he wished to talk to them. There were two old men who did not want it to be light. They were saying it should be night all the time. These were xastin Bear and xastin 2 Owl who were saying this. Coyote toid his followers to sing, "Let there be daylight," as they danced. They danced and day began to break. Bear took up his moccasins and in his hurry put the left one on his right foot. He ran away to a big mountain. Owl split his foot into four parts and ran in where two canyons come together.

They won daylight and it was light everywhere. It had been night.