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Eddie Schneider Sets Three Air Records  (1930) 
Eddie August Schneider (1911-1940) in The Napa Valley Register of Napa, California on September 2, 1930.png

Eddie Schneider Sets Three Air Records. New York; September 2, 1930. When Eddie Schneider landed at Roosevelt Field here to establish three new junior transcontinental stir records, he also hung up another mark for Richfield, known as California's racing gasoline. In flying from Los Angeles to New York in 27 hours and 19 minutes, he not only lowered the existing west-east record for juniors, but he also made a new round-trip mark of 57 hours. His time going west to Los Angeles was 29 hours and 41 minutes. Throughout his record-breaking trip, Schneider, who is only 18 years old, used Richfield products exclusively. One of the first to congratulate him on the successful completion of his Journey was Major Fred Foster of the Richfield Oil Corporation of New York, under whose guidance and technical direction the trip was made. He was enthusiastic in his praise not only of Richfield gasoline but of Richlube motor oil as well. "Not once was there the slightest indication of motor trouble," said Schneider, which is the best way of saying that gas and oil were faultless. In Los Angeles it was discovered that the plane's brakes had been disconnected by a cracked strut in the landing gear. This accident came when Schneider was forced to land in a fog in Pennsylvania on his way West. Final inspection of Three Air Records the plane in Los Angeles was made by Dudley M. Steele, manager of the aviation department of the Richfield Oil Company of California.

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