Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Series I/Volume IV/Donatist Controversy/On Baptism/Book VII/Chapter 26

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Chapter 26.—50.  Also another Lucius of Membresa[1] said:  "It is written, ‘God heareth not sinners.’[2]  How can he who is a sinner be heard in baptism?"[3]

51.  We answer:  How is the covetous man heard, or the robber, and usurer, and murderer?  Are they not sinners?  And yet Cyprian, while he finds fault with them in the Catholic Church, yet tolerates them.


  1. Membresa was in ecclesiastical province of Zeugitana.  For Lucius, see Bk. VI. c. 38.
  2. John ix. 31.
  3. Conc. Carth. sec. 62.