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by Chuon Nath, translator not mentioned

(Royal Kingdom) is the national anthem of Cambodia. Written by Chuon Nath and music by F. Perruchot and J. Jekyll, based on a Cambodian folk tune, the anthem was originally adopted in 1941 and reconfirmed in 1947, around the time of independence from France. After the royalist party FUNCINPEC defeated the former communists (Cambodian People's Party) in the 1993 elections, the royalist anthem was restored as well.

Heaven protect our King
And give him happiness and glory
To reign over our souls and our destinies,
The one being, heir of the builder Sovereigns,
Guiding the proud old Kingdom.

Temples are asleep in the forest,
Remembering the splendour of Moha Nokor.
Like a rock the Khmer race is eternal.
Let us trust in the fate of Kampuchea,
The empire which challenges the ages.

Songs rise up from the pagodas
To the glory of the holy Buddhist faith.
Let us be faithful to our ancestors' belief.
Thus heaven will lavish its bounty
Towards the ancient Khmer country, the Moha Nokor.

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