Parliamentary Notice, January 13, 1868

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Ottawa, 13th January, 1868.

Extracts from the Code of Rules of the Senate of Canada.


71. Every Applicant for a Bill of Divorce is required to give notice of his intention so to do, and to specify from whom and for what cause, by advertisement, during six months in the Official Gazette, and in two newspapers published in the District, in Quebec, or County, or Union of Counties in the other Provinces, where such applicant usually resided, at the time of the separation, or if the requisite numbers of papers cannot be found therein, then in the adjoining District, or County, or Union of Counties.

72. A Copy of the Notice, in writing, is to be served, at the instance of the Applicant, upon the person from whom the Divorce is sought, if the residence of such person can be ascertained ; and proof on oath of such service, or of the attempts made to effect it, to the satisfaction of the Senate, is to be adduced before the Senate on the reading of the Petition.



Clerk Senate.

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