On the eighth anniversary of the thirty-nation aggression agains Iraq

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"Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of dawn, from the mischief of created things." God speak the truth.

Great people,

Brave men of our valiant armed forces,

Masses of our glorious Arab Nation,

Peace be upon you and for you, the masses in the Arabic streets, houses and families.

Peace be upon every student, intellectual, solider, farmer, worker, women and men, youths and children. Peace be upon you and for, and upon the people of Iraq, both men and glorious women, the comrades of Saddam Hussein in the leadership, your brother and the son of your people and Nation: Saddam Hussein who is infected with the disease of your love: the disease without which any official in his nation will be sick. It is the disease with which some Arab officials have charged Saddam Hussein when they said that he is infected with the disease of the Arab masses, thinking that this is a defect in Saddam Hussein, but it is a fact, brothers, and it is an honor for us to be infected with the disease of loving the sons of our Nations in the streets, cities, villages, factories, poor districts and countryside. We were sincerely hoping that this disease would infect those Arab officials instead of the disease of loving Zionism and America, submission to them, implementing their orders and responding to their schemes at the expense of the Arab's security and their highest issues and interests. Had this disease, which is health and honor, infected some Arab rulers, the Nation would not have been subjected to what it had suffered from Zionism, America and their supporters.

God is Great.

Long live the (disease) of loving the people and Nation.

Let be despised those who are infected with the disease of loving Zionism, America, their followers and supporters at the expense of their people and nation.

Arab brothers,


We remind you, once again, of unforgettable case. On a similar day, that is 17 January 1991, in its long dark night, before the dawn, the blind night covered the shining and bright day. There was a screen separating between them, which God wanted to enlarge in order to include the sins and evil souls of those who committed the crime and evil. The other side of that screen was supervised by a lofty peak of great principles and glory in the Iraq of faith, patience, sacrifice and jihad, a peak which kept itself away from the deep abyss of that screen.

On that day and in its long dark night, some failed and some succeeded. It was a posture, on one of its two sides there were those who attacked Baghdad with their missiles. They were thirty foiled positions which would be followed by shame for ever, and twenty eight armies whose arrows missed their targets, except for those whom God wanted to be destined for the honor of martyrdom as well as the property they destroyed. On the other side, there were those who were inspired with the glorious ancient past, and heightened the status of the Baghdad of history, virtue and lofty meanings. There, the people of Iraq stood with its leadership which loves its people and its Nation to the extent that this love has infected it with the great disease (the health), and it has made sacrifices for its Nation for life and all the time. Thus, it was unparalleled paradox and a tableau of proud faith, virtue and glory which, on our side, could not be measured. And it was unprecedented evil on the side of the devils where those who were led by America, accepted it with submission, obedience and humiliation.

The whole Iraq stood with its enthusiasm, faith, arms, endurance and meanings. With Iraq, the ardent sons of the Nation stood, praying to God, the Almighty, to bestow victory upon the Iraq of faith, Arabism, humanity and lofty meanings in its confrontation with its enemies, the enemies of the Nation, each according to his position and to what was available to him or to what his position enabled him to take as an expression of his position.

As such was the situation eight years ago, namely in the beginning of the first half of the day of 17th of January 1991.

Despite this and the embargo followed it which is unprecedented in its evil and harm, some took positions which were credited for them and some took positions which were registered against them. On the part of those who continued with their malice, malevolence, aggressiveness and evil, all their positions are shameful to humanity which is tortured and oppressed by them. On the part of Iraq and those whom God helped to say the right or to take a right position, the positions honor the good and proud soul that seeks good and virtue and to recover from the filth of Zionism and world imperialism led by the America of evil to the abyss.



Sons of our Nation, our sole love,

Once again, we repeat the easily heard question: Why did the forces of evil target Iraq only, and focus on it all the time, especially in the first two decades of the age of July Revolution 1968?

The most important characteristics of Man's purity and the level of his seriousness in what he says, declares or promises is to be true. If he is true, he will become honest to what he is entrusted with. The principles and the promise they include, as goals of the struggle of the people and Nation, the power of the state and all its aspects, the mobilization of the people for positions of struggle and jihad against the foreign ambitions during a particular stage before the assuming power, and holding up to its all goals, is a trust which should be bore and protected. The fulfillment of this trust is a great truthfulness and grand struggle and jihad.

The most important sign indicating that the sons of the Nation have abandoned it when any of them assumes an authority of a collective nature, role and mission, is their abandonment of respecting this trust and their diversion from the characteristics of truthfulness and honesty to another level which honors neither the self nor the Nation.

The enemies of the Nation and the greedy for its wealth have discovered that those who lead the revolution and the march of rule and building within it are true in their call and faithful to what they have entrusted themselves with, or to what entrusted to them by the people. Those enemies have become more ferocious when they realized, through unchangeable evidence, that those who lead the march are capable, relying on God, to translate the declared principles into practical plans, implement the plans, and to turn the capabilities of Iraq, which is rich in its natural and human resources and ancient heritage, from mere general resources buried under the ground or non-utilized resources together with its lands and waters, into live and active wealth and capabilities, and to draw the great meanings of the Iraq's spiritual and cultural heritage and the heritage of the eternal heritage of our Nation, and to activate these meanings, not to think of them as mere cultural material, so that they can actively and tangibly contribute to a new rise of the people of civilizations and roles, the people that a large number of it could not afford wearing shoes. In the countryside, the overwhelming majority was barefooted at that time. Those who wore shoes were the exemption, while diseases, abandoning the role, the contradiction between the ancient past and the then crippled and backward present, had undermined the people's zeal and determination. Baghdad, with all that it bears of the glorious history of the Nation and a great cultural role, was almost a large abandoned village, in terms of formation and services, rather than a city of these historical meanings, living in the 20th century. The State's treasury was empty and those who had jobs were few. Backwardness and inactive attitude on life were devastating the brains. As such or rather less was the situation in other Iraqi cities. After the Revolution, Baghdad and life have become as they now despite the conspiracies of the forces of evil which cameone after one with extraordinary actions to suppress the new will that proceeded with building, renewing the role after its rise again, developing the wealth after its creation, enhancing the trust by truthfulness and capability after being built on a solid foundation that does not spoil the consciences and ardor by inactivity and evil example. Hence, the honest have protected the nation's wealth after creating it, turning it from mere natural resources and inactive wealth into an active wealth which has been reflected in every house, district, town, hospital, educational house in the countryside and cities alike. The obsession of those who led the march was and still to enjoy themselves, their eyes, minds and consciences of what they come to know, see and hear about the things that the people have possessed, and the meanings of advancement and progress that the people have, and to cut whatever hand extends to the people's resources and wealth. Therefore, they have deprived the western banks of being packed with the accounts belonging to the officials in the state of Iraq, as was the case in the past times, especially in the monarchical reign, and as is the case with other officials in the Arab homeland. Therefore, the forces of evil have realized that the natural resources, including oil, have been used to strengthen Man's role in Iraq in an ascending manner, not to corrupt him or to simply fatten him up to be eaten by the West. Those forces have realized also that the sincere loyalty to the Nation, people and principles, and the faithfulness to them and to the responsibility for what the guardians are entrusted with, is a case from which there is no retreat neither by the temptation provided by the power nor by the threats posed by foreigners. They have found that the characteristics of truthfulness and honesty are a great danger to their illegitimate interests because their illegitimate interests cannot coexist and grow with the presence of true officials who are faithful to their Nation and people. Thus, the level of danger of the conspiracy and its potential have increased. The plots that some Arab rulers, of the same category, carried out in secret, were insufficient. The schemes were in need for direct roles, some of which were overt. Thus, in the thirty-nation aggression page of Umm Al-Ma'arik, some roles and titles have been uncovered and disposed on the largest scale before the whole Arab masses and the entire world in the page of confrontation on the Day of Al-Fateh. Those roles and titles could not have been disposed unless what the requirements of confrontation necessitate from the wrong to the right. The steadfastness of your great people in Iraq, sons of our glorious Nation, has made such roles and playing overtly to implement them an indispensable state.

Thus, in this respect only, these are the reasons, as well as other known reasons, which pushed the forces of evil which are hostile to our Nation and humanity, to target Iraq and preoccupied with it as a great dam throughout the last decade. For Iraq's collapse, God forbid, would lead to a flood that drowns the Nation for a long time and keeps humanity away from practicing its role in encountering this evil for a long time too. The steadfastness of Iraq, as God wanted it, will make the Nation realize the facts as they are, and to establish its new standards on live examples which are represented by dutiful sons of it, while it inspires its examples in its eternal heritage, rather the examples in our Nation, which we know and read about in the eternal heritage of the Nation, have become more understandable and more believable than before, after the Nation has discovered its potential in life, innovation, creation and the ability to resist, through its deep-rooted struggling titles, at the head of which is the great people of Iraq. So, by God, the evils will not refrain from targeting Baghdad until it betrays itself and its Nation. But Baghdad has never been traitorous. Or they will be defeated and become desperate from the possibility to achieve their evil goals. This is what will happen, God willing.

Tomorrow is very near to those who await it.


People of whole humanity,

Since a known time, when the West got out its borders, states and population centers, to proceed towards the East, with those who came to the East not as propagandists to good, virtue and humanitarian issues of a nature and meanings carrying a common interest of the propagandists amongst the targeted environment, rather the West came as a colonialist, usurper, hostile and to plunder the people's wealth. Thus, the people's sadness, concern and poverty had been increased, and they fell down under heavy additional burdens resulted from the military occupation and colonization. The West did not leave the territories which it occupied and colonized until the sons of those territories made great sacrifices, and when the concerned colonial states realized that there was no way to stay there according to the previous conditions and methods. Thus, some had left (in form) with some of their ground forces whose presence had become impossible and very costly. The old colonization was replaced with a new one that fits the development and situation. After each war in the West because of their competition over interests or other affairs, humanity which is tortured by them, particularly in the East, paid costly for those wars as well as their known old campaigns against Eastern countries.

All this, combined with the level of threats posed by America and its allies to the whole humanity, the maintenance by the West of NATO, increasing its membership and expanding it towards the East after the breakdown of the former Soviet Union which NATO was formed under the pretext of encountering its dangers, in addition to what may be said that the West has its own concepts, interests, heritage, standards and other affairs, and the East has its own location, development, role, the historical depth of this role and its obligations, culture, heritage, foundations, meanings and other affairs, and since the policy of America, Britain, Zionism allied with them and those who support and cooperate with them, has become a danger to the world security, stability and its international and regional interests. Iraq, after a contemplation which is not limited to particular circumstances, sees that an institutional gathering of systems and covenants to be agreed upon, is to be established among the willing states of the world, starting with the East, with a view to establishing serious cooperation in economic, political and military fields in order to maintain balance and peace, first in Asia and what relates to it.

It is natural to say that this gathering is not directed against any one, but it is ready to protect its members, righteously defend, according to correct human standards, the security and interests of its members as well as international security.

Positive cooperation among its members is the foundation on which it is established in order to achieve positive and good results for the benefit of all and for the benefit of international and regional security.

The gathering is open to those who wants to join it in accordance with its basis and conditions.

As it calls for this, Iraq knows that this call will be echoed by the patriotic and honorable minds that are concerned with the security of their people and countries as well as the world security at large. But, it is likely that not all are capable to express their view, either out of fear or intimidation.

Iraq stands ready to hold dialogue, on this basis, with all in order to crystallize the charter of this endeavor, its gatherings and every affair relating to it. On this basis, Iraq will work actively with the concerned parties.

God know the intention.

Long live our glorious Nation.

Long live Iraq and its brave army, the true and faithful army of the Nation.

Glory and paradise to the martyrs of the eternal UMM-Al-MA'ARIK.

Long live free, proud and Arab Palestine.

Glory and paradise to the martyrs of our glorious Arab Nation.

God is Great

God is Great And let the despicable be despised.

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