Order-in-Council, Fisheries, May 28, 1868

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Thursday, 28th day of May, 1868.


 On the recommendation of the Honorable the Minister of Marine and Fisheries, and under the authority of the 19th Section of "The Fisheries Act," His Excellency in Council has been pleased to make the following Regulations:—

Herrings shall not be taken between the Fifteenth day of July and the Fifteenth day of October in any year, on the spawning ground, at the southern head of Grand Marian, in the Province of New Brunswick, within the following limits, that is to say:—Commencing at the eastern part of Seal Cove, including the two Inner Islands (so called) at a place known as Red Point, thence extending westerly along the coast to the southern head of Bradford's Cove, and extending one mile from the shore; and all nets or other fishing material, apparatus, tackle or gear used for catching Herrings on any part of the said ground during the period above described, shall be seized and confiscated; and every person so using the same shall be subject to fine or imprisonment.

The fishing for or catching of Salmon with swing nets in any of the waters of Canada is hereby forbidden.

Oysters shall not be fished for, caught or killed between the First day of June and the First day of September in any year.

Clerk Privy Council.

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