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Louis Albert Banks, D. D., has written more books than any other Oregonian. He was born near Corvallis, November 12, 1855. Banks pursued a course in liberal arts at Philomath College; and some years after entering the ministry he attended Boston University and Mount Union College. He has been pastor of some of the leading Methodist Episcopal churches in this country; was prohibition candidate for governor of Massachusetts in 1893; has done much effective evangelistic work; and is now (1918) campaigning for nation-wide prohibition. His sermons have been read by more people than have the sermons of any other American clergyman since the death of Talmage. He is the author of fifty-five books, the most of which were published by Funk and Wagnalls. They are:— "Live Boys in Oregon," "The People's Christ," "The White Slaves," "The Revival Quiver," "Anecdotes and Morals," "Common Folks Religion," "Honeycomb of Life," "Heavenly Tradewinds," "The Christ Dream," "Christ and His Friends," "Paul and His Friends," "The Saloon Keeper's Ledger," "The Fisherman and His Friends," "Seven Times Around Jericho," "Hero Tales from Sacred Stories," "The Christ Brotherhood," "Heroic Personalites," "The Unexpected Christ," "Immortal Hymns and Their Story," "Sermon Stories for Boys and Girls," "The Christian Gentleman," "John and His Friends," "My Young Man," "Immortal Songs of Camp and Field," "The Great Sinners of the Bible," "A Year's Prayermeeting Talks," "Chats with Young Christians," "A Manly Boy," "David and His Friends," "The Lord's Arrows," "Twentieth Century Knighthood," "Fresh Bait for Fishers of Men," "Poetry and Morals," "Hidden Wells of Comfort," "The Great Saints of the Bible" "Unused Rainbows," "The Motherhood of God," "The King's Stewards," "Hall of Fame," "Life of T. DeWitt Talmage, D. D.," "Youth of Famous Americans," "Windows for Sermons," "The
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Healing of Souls," "The Great Portraits of the Bible," "Soul Winning Stories," "Thirty-one Revival Sermons," "The Religious Life of Famous Americans," "The Great Promises of the Bible," "Capital Stories of Famous Americans," "Spurgeon's Illustrative Anecdotes," "Sermons which have Won Souls," "The Problems of Youth," "The World's Childhood," "The Great Themes of the Bible," "The Sunday Night Evangel," "A Summer in Peter's Garden."

Doctor Banks' residence is in Brookline, a suburb of Boston.