Oregon Historical Quarterly/Volume 41

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Oregon Historical Quarterly  (1940)  edited by Alfred Powers
Volume 41

No. 1 (March)[edit]

  • George Henry Himes, Archivist for Guidance of Posterity. by Leslie M. Scott
  • Robert Carlton Clark, Teacher, Scholar and Historian. by Joseph Schafer
  • Diary of Reverend G. H. Atkinson, 1847-1858 [cont]. by E. Ruth Rockwood
  • Fort Hall under the Hudson's Bay Company, 1837-1856. by Louis S. Grant
  • The Roads and Transportation of Territorial Oregon. by Oscar Osburn Winther
  • Earliest Oregon Postoffices As Recorded at Washington. by Lewis A. McArthur
  • Joseph L. Meek: A Conspicuous Personality [cont]. by H. E. Tobie
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"
  • "Members"

No. 2 (June)[edit]

  • Creative Historical Research in Fiction, Drama, Art: A Symposium
  • Children of God. by Vardis Fisher
  • Union Pacific. by Helen Gladys Percey
  • Three Murals in the Capitol. by Barry Faulkner
  • Three Murals in the Capitol. by Frank H. Schwartz
  • Culture of the Indian Tribes of the Pacific Northwest. by Alexander Goldenweiser
  • Lament of the Umatilla [verse]. by Bert Huffman
  • An Amateur Archaeologist's 50 Years in Oregon. by N. G. Seaman
  • Lewis and Clark Route Retraced across the Bitterroots. by Elers Koch
  • Winship Settlement in 1810 Was Oregon's Jamestown. by Anna Jerzyk
  • Botanist in Oregon in 1843-44 for Kew Gardens, London. by Clifford M. Drury
  • Literacy on the Oregon Trail: Books across the Plains. by James W. Manning
  • First Local Government, 1841: Index to Primary Sources. by J. Neilson Barry
  • Flumgudgeon Gazette in 1845 Antedated the Spectator. by Lawrence Clark Powell
  • Diary of Reverend G. H. Atkinson, 1847-1858. by E. Ruth Rockwood
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • Feast of the Salmon
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"
  • "New Members"

No. 3 (September)[edit]

  • Willamette Highway--The Seventh across the High Cascades. by Charles A. Sprague
  • Whole Pacific Northwest Served by Willamette Highway. by Fred Fisk
  • Beef Cattle Industry in Oregon, 1890-1938. by Dexter K. Strong
  • Diary of Reverend G. H. Atkinson, 1847-1858 [cont]. by E. Ruth Rockwood
  • Camp Sites of Jedediah Smith on the Oregon Coast. by Alice B. Maloney
  • "Reviews"
  • "Shorter Notices"
  • Salem Centennial. by Burt Brown Barker
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"

No. 4 (December)[edit]

  • Mrs. Butler's 1853 Diary of Rogue River Valley. by Oscar Osburn Winther and Rose Dodge Galey
  • Emerson Bennett's Two Oregon Novels. by Randall V. Mills
  • Wallowa Valley Towns and Their Beginnings. by Grace Butterfield and J. H. Horner
  • Diary of Reverend G. H. Atkinson, 1847-1858 [cont]. by E. Ruth Rockwood
  • Scott's and Applegate's Old South Road. by Mildred Baker Burcham
  • "Reviews"
  • "Annual Address". by rep. by Edith Y. Kuhns
  • "News and Comment"
  • "Necrology"
  • "Index"