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"The Jason Lee Memorial Souvenir Volume," compiled by Professor F. H. Grubbs, makes a very attractive book. Its main contents are made up of the addresses delivered at the memorial services held on the occasion of the re-interment of the remains of Jason Lee in the Lee Missionary Cemetery, Salem, June 15. An account of the movement for re-interment is given. A copy of the programme of the memorial services is reproduced. Extracts from letters that passed between Oregon missionaries of the American Board and of the Methodist Episcopal Board are included. These exhibit kindliest fraternal feelings and fitly illustrate the example set among the missionaries by the genial Jason Lee.

The historic Lee Missionary Cemetery is described and the genealogy of the Lee family given. The other most appropriate features of the volume in addition to its illustrations are expressions quoted from Indians that had come under the influence of Lee and his co-workers. These from White Swan, a chief of the Yakimas, Elippama and Luxillo, given many years after their contact with the missionaries, are corroborative of a lasting and transforming influence. Most appropriate also is the letter of Anna Maria Pittman Lee to her brother written from the "Mission House" on the Willamette, October 26, 1837, as well as that of Lucy Thompson Lee When about to go on board of the Lausanne at New York on October 7, 1839.

A picture of Jason Lee, and cuts of the "Mission House" on the Willamette, the "Mission House" built at Salem, in 1842, "The Oregon Institute" and "The Mission Cemetery" add materially to the value of the volume. It is for sale by the J. K. Gill Co. Price $1.00.

"The Washington Historical Quarterly," Vol. 1, No. 1, issued by the Washington University State Historical Society, appeared in October. Professor Edmond S. Meany is the managing editor assisted by a large board of editors. The Quarterly has departments for original papers, for documents, for reviews, for news and for reprint. The original papers are:

"Washington Nomenclature," by J. N. Bowman; "Problems of the Pacific," by Stephen B. L. Penrose; "Jason Lee's Place in History," by Harvey W. Scott; "The Cayuse, or First Indian War in the Northwest," by Clarence W. Bagley; "Diary of David S. Maynard While Crossing the Plains in 1859," by Thomas W. Prosch; "Some Evidences of the Influence of Politics on the Efficiency of the Army, 1861-65," by Edward McMahon. A reprint of George Wilkes' History of Oregon, Geographical and Political, is begun.

The third annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association was held at Portland on November 30 and December 1. The following papers were presented: "Cook's Place in Northwest History," by Professor J. N. Bowman; "Origin of British Interest in the Northwest," by Professor Joseph Schafer; "The Finances of the Cayuse War," by Professor F. G. Young; "Suggestions on the History of the Federal Relations of the States," by Professor C. A. Duniway; "Some Considerations on the History of Spain and Spanish America in the 18th Century," by Mr. Don E. Smith; "Criticism of American Historical Documents," by Professor Max Farrand. There were several interesting discussions of the points brought out in the papers. The meetings were arranged for by the Oregon Historical Society and the banquet given under its auspices at the Hotel Portland was a very enjoyable social event. Our visitors considered this their best meeting so far held and Hon. William D. Fenton was elected president of the organization.