Osama bin Laden's letter of assurance to a Mujahadeen father

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To the virtuous father, Muhammed Yahya Al-Jaryani

Peace be upon you, With God’s assistance we received a lot of good news about the status of your mujahideen son Akram Muhammed Yahya Al-Jaryani.

We have exhausted all attempts to release your son from captivity, but the faithful never give up, and we will continue our efforts until God decides his fate.

I congratulate you on your son's memorizing the Holy Koran. This is another good deed in addition to Jihad. Your son will join you, God willing.

If every Muslim home would provide the same for Jihad, then the Muslims would be in a different position in the coming future.

We heard that you are waiting patiently. We ask that you add to your patience an anticipation of God’s reward, and urge the Muslims in your community to give everything that is valuable and precious to defend Islam and defeat the Jewish–Christian alliance.

Your brother, Osama Bin Muhammed Bin Laden.