Our American Holidays - Christmas/The Waits

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At the break of Christmas Day,
  Through the frosty starlight ringing,
Faint and sweet and far away,
  Comes the sound of children, singing,
    Chanting, singing,
      "Cease to mourn,
      For Christ is born,
  Peace and joy to all men bringing!"

Careless that the chill winds blow,
  Growing stronger, sweeter, clearer,
Noiseless footfalls in the snow
  Bring the happy voices nearer;
    Hear them singing,
      "Winter's drear,
      But Christ is here,
  Mirth and gladness with Him bringing!

"Merry Christmas!" hear them say,
  As the East is growing lighter;
"May the joy of Christmas Day
  Make your whole year gladder, brighter!"
    Join their singing,
      "To each home
      Our Christ has come,
  All Love's treasures with Him bringing!"