Pagan and Christian Rome

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Pagan and Christian Rome  (1892) 
by Rodolfo Lanciani

published by Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and New York, 1892

(From a painting by Giulio Romano, Francesco Penni and Raffaellino del Colle)








The Riverside Press, Cambridge


Copyright, 1892,


All rights reserved.

The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A.

Electrotyped and Printed by H.O. Houghton & Co.

The Transformation of Rome from a Pagan into a Christian City. 1
Pagan Shrines and Temples. 51
Christian Churches. 107
Imperial Tombs. 168
Papal Tombs. 209
Pagan Cemetries. 253
Christian Cemetries. 306
Ludi Sæculares, Inscription edited by Mommsen. 362



Battle between Constantine and Maxentius (from a painting by Giulio Romano, Fransesco Penni, and Raffaellino del Colle) (Heliotype) Frontispiece
Arch of Constantine 20
The Translation of S. Cyril's Remains (fresco in S. Clemente. done at the order of Maria Macellaria) 32
The Western Summit of the Capitoline Hill 86
Panel from the Arch of Marcus Aurelius (Heliotype) 90
Plan of Schola above the Catacombs of Callixtus (from Nortet's Les Catacombes Romains) 118
Plan of Old S. Peter's, showing its relation to the Circus of Nero 128
Plan of the Graves surrounding that of S. Peter discovered at the Time of Paul V. (from a rare engraving by Benedetto Drei, head master mason to the Pope. The site of the tomb of S. Peter and the Fenestella are indicated by the author) 132
S. Peter's in 1588. (from an engraving by Ciampini) 146
The Two Basilicas of S. Paul (the original structure of Constantine in black; that of Theodosius and Honorius shaded) 150
Map showing the Location of Phaon's Villa 188
Sarcophagus of Helena, Mother of Constantine (Heliotype) 198
Rotunda and Obelisk South of Old S. Peter's. (After Bonanni) 202
Crypt of Pope Cornelius 218
The Cloisters of the Lateran, as now restored (Heliotype) 238
Tomb of Innocent VIII (Heliotype) 242
Tomb of Paul III (Heliotype) 246
Figure from the Tomb of Clement XIII (Heliotype) 250
Interior of a Columbarium in the Vigna Codini 260
Detail from the Ceiling of the House discovered in
the Farnesina Gardens 264
Works of Art discovered in the Tomb of Sulpicius Platorinus (Heliotype) 268
Tomb of the Boy Q. Sulpicius Maximus (Heliotype) 282
The Appian Way and the Campagna 286
Objects found in the Grave of Crepereia Tryphæna 302
Christian Military Cemetery of Concordia Sagittaria 324
The Ideal Roman Figure of Christ (Heliotype) 348


Tablet of Acilius Glabrio 4
Map of the Via Salaria 7
Portrait Bust of Philip the Younger 13
Inscription found near the Porta del Popolo, 1877 15
Inscription in a tomb of the Via Severiana at Ostia 16
Lamp of Annius Ser......, with figure of the Good Shepherd 18
Picture of Orpheus found in the Catacombs of Priscilla 23
The Four Seasons (from the Imperial Palace, Ostia) 24
Ancient Candelabrum in the church of SS. Nereo ed
Achilleo 26
The Templum Sacræ Urbis (SS. Cosma e Damiano) 28
Mosaic from the church of S. Andrea 29
The Shrine and Altar of Mercurius Sobriusvii 34
Kantharos in the Court of St. Cæcilia 39
Sample of a Drinking-cup 43
A Granary of Ostia 47
Entablature of the Temple of Concord 53
Fac-simile from the Corpus Insriptionum Latinarum 57
Nemi and the site of the Temple of Diana 60
Portrait Bust of Person cured at Nemi 60
The stern of the ship of the Island of the Tiber 61
Fragment of a Lamp inscribed with the name of Minerva 63
Votive Head 63
The Cliffs under the Citadel of Veii (now called Piazza d' Armi) 64
A Pelasgic hieron, or platform of altar, at Segni 68
Round Temple of Hercules in the Forum Boarium 69
Ara of Aius Locutius on the Palatine 72
Pillar commemorating the Ludi Sæculares 73
Plan and section of the Altar of Dis and Proserpina 76
The family of Augustus (relief from the Ara Pacis, in the Gallery of the Uffizi, Florence) 83
View of the Platform of the Temple of Jupiter 88
The Sphinx of Amasis 94
Obelisk of Rameses the Great 95
One of the Provinces from the Temple of Neptune 100
Plan of the Temple of Augustus 103
Remains of the Temple of Augustus (from a sketch by Ligorio) 103
Statue of Semo Sancus 105
Remains of the House of Pudens, discovered in 1870 114
Plan of Pompeian House 114
Remains of the House of Pudens: Front Wall, pierced by Modern Windows 114
The Colonna Santaviii 133
View of a section of the Nave of old S. Peter's (South Side) 134
Nave of San Lorenzo fuori le Mura 135
The Fountain of Symmachus 136
The Chair of S. Peter (after photograph from original) 140
Bronze Statue of S. Peter 142
Statue of S. Hippolytus 143
The Burning of S. Paul's, July 15, 1823 (from an old print) 152
Tombstone of S. Paul 157
Statue of Constantine the Great 164
Military funeral evolutions (from the base of the column of Antoninus) 170
The Apotheosis of an Emperor (from the base of the column of Antoninus) 171
The Cippus of Agrippina the Elder, made into a Measure for Grain 184
Head of Nero, in the Capitoline Museum 186
The Ponte Nomentano 187
Plan of the Alta Semita 191
Remains of Geta's Mausoleum 196
The Torre Pignattara 197
The Mausoleum of S. Constantia 199
Plan of the Imperial Mausoleum 200
Portrait heads of S. Peter and S. Paul 212
Tombstone of Cornelius 215
Portrait of Pope Cornelius (from a fresco near his grave) 219
The Atrium of Old S. Peter's 222
Statue of S. Gregory the Great 225
The Angel on the Mausoleum of Hadrian 228
Modern Façade of the Monastery of S. Gregory on the Cælian 230
Inscription of Vassalectus 238
Candelabrum in the Church of S. Paolo fuori le Muraix 239
The Antinous of the Banca Nazionale 241
Ancient house in the Farnesina Gardens 263
Specimen of outline designs in the ancient house in the
Farnesina Gardens 265
The Judgment of Solomon 271
Panel from the bronze door of S. Peter's, by Filarete 272
Tomb of Helius, the shoemaker 274
Sarcophagus of the Leukippides 280
Tomb of Annia Regilla (Fragment) 291
The Sacred Grove and the Temple of Ceres; now S. Urbano alla Caffarella 294
The body of a girl found in 1485 298
Cubiculum of Januarius 322
Sancta Viatrix 334
Basilica of Nereus, Achilleus and Petronilla 338
The Execution of Acilleus 339
Petronilla and Veneranda 341
The portrait head of Jesus in the Sancta Sanctorum 348
Landslip in the Cemetery of Cyriaca 351
Inscription from the tombstone of a dentist 353
Inscription from the grave of Alexander, a dentist 353
Surgeon's instruments (from a relief on a tombstone) 353
The Symbolic Supper 357

The drawings in this volume, with a few exceptions, are by Harold B. Warren, of Boston, who also made the drawings for "Ancient Rome in the Light of Recent Discoveries."

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1928.

The longest-living author of this work died in 1929, so this work is in the public domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 93 years or less. This work may be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works.