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Who Invites YouWedding invitations are issued first in the name of the bride's parents, or in the name of the surviving parent. If the bride is orphaned, the name of a married brother and his wife may be used, a bachelor brother or a married sister and her husband. Failing these, the nearest relative or guardian.

The wording of a church wedding invitation requests the honour of your presence, the English spelling of honour being used.

The home wedding invitation requests the pleasure of your company.

The rank of officers in the regular army or navy above lieutenant is prefixed by full title on invitations. The prefix Mr. is used by lieutenant with rank following, thus: Mr. James Hudson Brown, Lieutenant Eleventh Regiment United States Infantry.

Reverend prefixes a clergyman's name.

The Guest's NameThe guest's name is written on both invitation and reception card, and should correctly be added on the church presentation card as well, but as this necessitates a vast amount of