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3445. B. Smith.- His large hope and acquisitiveness made him a great speculator.

Evanson. Small hope. (3372.)


3446. Destaisniers.

3447. Dr. T. Abuses much his marvellousness.

3448. Visionary.

3449. * Varley. Astrologer and inventor of the " Idolographi " ? Idoscope.

3450. * Hey. A gentleman who considered if he tried, could ruin government by gaining all the prizes in the lotteries ; constantly inventing machines ; immense hope.

3451. * Mitchell. A soi-distant prophet and a visionary.


3452. Sestini. (See Phrenological Journal, Vol. vi. p. 590.)

3453. f " Skull. No. 148 in Dr. Gall's collection.

3454. " Brain.

3455. Sir Walter Scott.

3456. Thomas Campbell.

3457. * William Roscoe. Author of the Life of Leo X.

3458. Dr. Bowring.

3459. Deacon, Editor of the Portsmouth Journal.

3460. Legouve. (See Phrenological Journal, Vol. vi. p. 483.) No. 44 in Dr. Gall's collection.

3461. Miss Stirling Graham.

3462. Mrs. Hall. Authoress of the Buccaneer, and Irish Sketches.

Coleridge (3338) ; and A. R. W. (3527), a highly ac- complished and elegant lady.


3463. Mrs. Hope. Large mirthfulness.

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