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"Whew!" whistled Captain Elmer Dalton of the Morningside nine, as he greeted some of the lads against whom his team was to play, "you fellows have been making a lot of changes, haven't you?" and he looked at the several new members of the school team, including Joe and Tom.

"Yes, a bit of house cleaning," replied Ward Gerard. "I am captain now. Hiram and Luke got out."

"Yes, I heard there was some sort of a row."

"Oh, I suppose it's all over the league by this time," put in Peaches. "But it couldn't be helped. It was like a dose of bitter medicine, but we took it, and I think it's going to do us good."

"You mean we're going to do you good," laughed Elmer. "We're going to trim you again to-day."

"Not much!" cried Ward. "We'll win. Come now, a little wager between you and me—for the sodas, say."