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'I? no, never!'

'You are wrong, Pinocchio. Believe me, if you do not come you will repent it. Where could you find a better country for us boys? There are no schools there: there are no masters: there are no books. In that delightful land nobody ever studies. On Thursday there is never school; and every week consists of six Thursdays and one Sunday. Only think, the autumn holidays begin on the 1st of January and finish on the last day of December. That is the country for me! That is what all civilised countries should be like! . . .'

'But how are the days spent in the "Land of Boobies"?'

'They are spent in play and amusement from morning till night. When night comes you go to bed, and recommence the same life in the morning. What do you think of it?'

'Hum! . . .' said Pinocchio; and he shook his head slightly as much as to say, 'That is a life that I also would willingly lead.'

'Well, will you go with me? Yes or no? Resolve quickly.'

'No, no, no, and again no. I promised my good Fairy to become a well-conducted boy, and I will keep my word. And as I see that the sun is setting I must leave you at once and run away. Good-bye, and a pleasant journey to you.'