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��Frisby, John, prb. Lichfield, 6ii.

Frogerus, archd. Derby, 576.

Froste, Robert, prb. Lichfield, 607,

618. Froude, Robert Hurrell, archd. Totnes,

404. Frowcester, Edmund, prb. Hereford,

499^519' 526. Frowcester, Edmund, treas. Hereford,

490. Frowcester or Frowcetoure, Edmund,

dn. Hereford, 477. Frowcetoure or Frowcester, Edmund,

dn. Hereford, 477. Fryer, Robert, prb. Wells, 180. Fulford, John, archd. Cornwall, 399. Fulford, John, archd. Exeter, 395. Fulford, John, archd. Totnes, 403. Fulford, William, archd. Barum, 407. Fulham, Edward, prb. Chichester, 277. Fulham, Edward, prb. Lichfield, 637. Fulham, John, prb. Chichester, 275. Fuller, John, prb. Ely, 358. Fuller, W^illiam, dn. Ely, 348. Fulnetby, John, prb. Lichfield, 607. Fulnetby, John, pre. Lichfield, 580. Fulnetby, John, archd. Stafford, 572. Fulwood, Francis, prb. E.veter, 424. Fulwood, Francis, archd. Totnes, 404. Fursman, John, prb. Exeter, 427. Fursman, John, chan. Exeter, 420. Fursman, John, subd. Exeter, 391. Fylham, William, chan. Exeter, 419. Fylham, William, archd. Cornwall, 398. Fysher, Robert, archd. Exeter, 395. Fyton, John, archd. Stafford, 572.


G., archd. Derby, 575.

G , chan. Wells, 175.

GafFey or Gasey, John, dn. Lichfield, 56 1. Galard, Bernard, subd. Exeter, 391. Gale, Robert, prb. Wells, 185. Galeys, Philip, treas. Chichester, 268. Galhampton, Oliver, prb. Wells, 211. GaUy, Henry, prb. Gloucester, 450. Galterus, archd. Cornwall, 397. Galtes or Gates, Geoffrey, archd. Chi- chester, 259. Game, John, chan. St. David's, 319. Gamel or Camel, Will., subd. Wells, 156. Gandy, John, prb. Exeter, 431. Gannett, "Wilham, prb. Wells, 206. Ganville, John, archd. Chester, 566. Gapper, Hemy, prl). Wells, 205. Garbett, James, prb. Chichester, 285. Garbett, James, prb. Hereford, 508.

��Garbett, James, archd. Chichester, 262. Garbrande, John, prb. Wells, 194. Gardiner, Charles, prb. Wells, 185. Gardiner, Lawrence, prb. Lichfield, 615,

633- Gardiner, Samuel, prb. Lichfield, 597,

608, 617. Gardiner, abas Sandwich, William, prb.

Canterbury, 57. Gardinia or Sardinia, William de, prb.

Hereford, 498. Gardner, Lawrence, treas. Lichfield, 583. Gare, William de, prb. Herefoi-d, 517. Gare, Will, de la, treas. Hereford, 488. Garland,, chan. Chichester, 270. Garland, Hemy de, dn. Chichester, 256. Garnett, Barnard, prb. Ely, 361. Garnett, John, prb. Exeter, 433. Garnett, John, dn. Exeter, 389. Garret, Samuel, archd. Salop, 575, Gascoign or Gascon, Edward, prb. Ely,

361. Gascon or Gascoign, Edward, prb. Ely,

361. GaseyorGafrey,John,dn. Lichfield, 561. Gaskin, George, prb. Ely, 357. Gates or Galtes, Geoffrey de, archd.

Chichester, 259. Gaucehnus, treas. Lichfield, 582. Gauden, John, bp. Exeter, 380. Gaumon, Richard, subd. Exeter, 390, Gay, Sir Peter Rivers, prb. Hereford,


Gay, William, prb. Wells, 210.

Gayer, James, prb. Exeter, 429.

Gaynville, Nicholas de, prb. Hereford, 527.

Gaytanni, John, archd. Coventry, 568.

Gearoman or Jarumann,bp.Mercia, 538.

Gedwen, ahas Meyse, Henry, prb. Here- ford, 529.

Gee, Edward, prb. Exeter, 422.

Geekie, William, prb. Canterbury, 47.

Geekie, Will., archd. Gloucester, 446.

Geffrey, Robert, chan. Hereford, 492.

Geffrey or Jeffry, Robert, treas. Here- ford, 489.

Geflfi-eys or Jeflfrys, Robert, prb. Here- ford, 503.

Gely, Richard, archd. Merioneth, Ii5.

GenoviU or Knovill, Gilbert de, prb, Hereford, 526.

Geoffrey, archd. Hereford, 480.

Geoffrey, archd. Totnes, 402.

Geoffrej% dn. Chichester, 256.

Geoffrey, dn. Hereford, 475.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, bp. St. Asaph, 64.

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