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through. All started for the glacier at 7:15 a.m. and made a slow trip. Collected small caddis cases and larva (No. 2) in stream from North LakeCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg North Lake, Colorado near High FallCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg High Fall, Colorado, and some insects just above High FallCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg High Fall, Colorado. The party showed fatigue in the following order: Sievert least, I next, then Watts, Then Markman, then Frank. Sievert and I went on ahead and climbed out of the cirque at The SaddleCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg he Saddle, Colorado to photograph the glacier and the range. It is a fearful climb, the loose rock sliding at every step. Were much exhausted upon reaching the top and laid down for a few moments, then took two pictures and returned to the cirque to join Frank and Watts. Ate a few malted milk tablets and raisins while sitting on a boulder on the glacierCommons-logo.svgOpenstreetmap logo.svg Arapaho Glacier. We easily found the tablets set last year. They were set as follows: No. 1 100 paces from the bench mark on Country