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any liquid, and place a small quantity in any place infested by rats. They will eagerly swallow the preparation, become thirsty, and the water taken will swell the lime and destroy them.

rattle snake, cure for the bite of.

TAKE of the roots of plantane or hoarhound, (in summer, roots and branches together) bruise them in a mortar, and squeeze out the juice, of which give as soon as possible one large spoonful; if the patient is swelled you must force it down his throat, this will generally cure; but if he finds relief in an hour you may give another spoonful, which it is said will never fail. If the roots are dried they must be moistened with a little water. To the wound may be applied a leaf of good tobacco, moistened with a little rum.

rennet or runnet.

WHEN the rennet is to be preserved for use the calf should be killed soon after he has sucked; for then the curd is entire and undigested.

Dairy women usually preserve the maw and the curd contained in it, after salting them; and then by steeping this bag and curd, make a rennet to turn their milk for making cheese. But a method which seems to be more simple and equally good in every respect, is, to throw away the curd, and after steeping it in very strong pickle, stretch out the maw upon a slender bow inserted into it, which will soon be very dry, and keep well for a long time. Take an inch or two of the maw, thus dried, and steep it over night in a few spoonfulls of warm water; which water serves full as well as if the curd had been preserved, for