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for a few years, as they are apt to be exhausted by aration, if corn crops are too frequently repeated.

sausages, bolognahow made.

TAKE four pounds of lean buttock beef, cut it into fine pieces, and put into it one pound of dried suet, with an equal quantity of dried bacon. Season it with alspice, pepper, bay-salt, and saltpetre, adding thereto a little of the powder of bay-leaves. Then, mixing the whole well together, tie it up in skins about the thickness of the wrist, and dry them in the same manner as tongues.

scab in sheepOintment for.

RUB together in a mortar a pound of quicksilver and half a pound of Venice turpentine, till the globules of the quicksilver disappear, then add half a pint of oil of turpentine and four pounds of hog's lard, and mix the whole into an ointment. The method of using it is to begin at the head of the sheep, and proceeding from between the ears along the back to the end of the tail, divide the wool in a furrow till the skin can be touched; in the mean time, while the furrow is making, a finger slightly dipped in the ointment is to be drawn along the bottom, where it will leave a blue stain on the skin and the adjoining wool. From this furrow, similar ones must be drawn down the shoulders and thighs to the legs as far as they are woolly; and if the animal be much infected, two more should be drawn along each side parallel to that on the back, and one down each side between the fore and hind legs. Immediately after being annointed it is customary to turn the sheep among the other stock without fear of the infection being communicated, and we are assured by Sir Joseph Banks, that there is scarcely an instance