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seeds fall off and the sores become clean. Afterwards a mixture of turpentine and quicksilver will be a good application.

Another Remedy.

MAKE a strong solution of copperas in water, so that the water is completely saturated with it. Apply this to the part affected, rubbing it gently with a cob each time. A few applications of this kind will, generally, cure the complaint entirely. [See likewise page 66]

scull cap. See Hydrophobia.

sealing wax, redhow made.

TO every ounce of shell lac, take an ounce each of rosin and vermillion, all reduced to a fine powder; melt them over a moderate fire, and when thoroughly incorporated and sufficiently cool, form the composition into rolls or sticks of any length or thickness and either round or flat at your pleasure. On account of the dearness of shell lac, seed lac is usually substituted, even in what is denominated the best Dutch sealing wax. Boiled Venice turpentine may be used with good effect, instead of rosin.

seedshow preserved.

IF seeds are intended to be sent a great distance, or it is wished to preserve them a long time, they should be wrapped in absorbent paper, and surrounded by moist brown sugar.