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Seeds of Indian Corn, how selected.

GATHER your seed corn from such stalks only as produce two ears, and the crop will be more abundant.

sheep, scab in.

EVERY part of a sheep's body is liable to be attacked with this disease, which may be radically cured if attended to. It is more obstinate on the lips and nose, than any where else, because the animal rubs those parts while eating. The cheapest and simplest remedy, is an ointment composed of three parts of grease to one of turpentine. [See page 116.]

sheep, Fish, food for.

IT is a fact, though not generally known, that sheep will greedily eat any kind of salted fish, whether dry or pickled, although dry seem the most suitable for them; and it is found by experience that sheep that have as much fish as they can eat are always healthy, have good lambs, and do not loose their wool; and require much less hay or other food. It is not expected that farmers remote from the sea-shore can afford their sheep as much fish as they would eat; but, if they give them fish instead of giving them salt, they will find a great advantage. Smoked Alewives and Herrings are most convenient for them; larger fish should be cut or broken in small pieces. The cheaper kinds of fish, such as scale of all kinds, broken, refuse, and even those that are partly damaged, if they are only salt, will answer the purpose.

IT is generally the case with herring catchers that they are obliged to cull out and throw away great num-