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smut in grain, Remedy for.

SEE the article "wheat," in the following pages.

snowTo preserve meat in.

MEAT that is killed in December, may be kept in perfection if buried in snow until spring, This is an excellent method of preserving fresh and good the carcases of turkies and other fowls.

Set any open cask in a cold place, put snow and pieces of meat alternately: Let not the pieces touch each other, nor the sides of the cask. The meat will neither freeze, grow dry, nor be discoloured; but be as good in all respects at the last of March as when it was first put in. The surfaces of the pieces should be a little frozen, before they are put into the snow, that the juice of the meat may not dissolve the snow. The cask should be placed in the coldest part of the house, or in an out house.

snuff, cephalichow made.

TAKE half an ounce each of sage, rosemary, lillies of the valley, and the tops of sweet marjoram, with a drachm each of asarabacca root, lavender flowers, and nutmeg. Reduce the whole to a fine powder, and take it like common snuff, as often as may be necessary for the relief of the head, &c. There are few so generally useful and innocent cephalic snuffs as the above.