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If a sufficient number of leach tubs are used, four barrels can be made with ease in half a day—and if the ashes are good, with entire success.

soap, saving of.

FOR the use of private families, where linen is dirty by perspiration or grease it will be of great service towards rendering it white, to steep it for some time in a clear liquor, made by mixing one quart of quick lime in ten gallons of water, letting the mixture stand 24 hours, and then using the clear water, drawn from the lime. After the linen is steeped in this liquor it should be washed as usual, but it will require much less soap to be used.

soda, in washing.

A FEW ounces of soda will soften a hogshead of the hardest water. It is said to be greatly superiour in washing to either potash or pearlash. It gives a delicate whiteness to the linen without the slightest injury, and never, unless excess is used in the least affects the hands. To glasses, decanters, table spoons, &c. it gives a lustre equal to the highest polish, without labour, if washed in water, in which a small quantity has been dissolved.


BY this term is meant, the feeding of stock in a house, shed, or fold, with cut green food, instead of making the grass into hay or pasturing the field.

Various articles are used for that purpose, as tares and lucerne; also barley, oats, and beans, all in a green