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ly removal of these parts, where the insects chiefly lodge, materially contributes to the health and vigour of the plant, and probably increases the weight of the crop. The harvest is by this means advanced at least a fortnight. In the ordinary mode of managing a bean crop, their tops are green when reaped, consequently they absorb and retain moisture and require a considerable exposure in the field to prepare them for the stack; whereas without their tops, the crop is sooner in a condition to be carried and less risk is incurred from the effects of frost and wet seasons. The tops are left to rot on the ground."

bed bugs.

TAKE a quantity of fourth proof spirits and as much pearl ash as will dissolve in it ; put it in every crack and hole in the bed stead and wash board ; also take a clean strip of linen or muslin ; wet it with the liquor, and put it round the bed post close to the floor.

Or, make a decoction of sassafras bark or root, not so strong as to stain the furniture, and scald the wainscoting of your rooms, once a year.

Or, dissolve camphor in strong spirits and apply the solution.

Or, it has been said that the juice of cucumbers will destroy bed bugs.

Or, simple clear strong lime water, it is affirmed will be as effectual as any of the above.


Mode of preserving. See Meat

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