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The following mode of fattening hogs has been recommended. Wash potatoes clean, boil them and mash them fine while hot; mix in at the same time oats and peameal. Put the mixture into a large tub, and let it stand till it sours thoroughly. Keep a quantity of this on hand, always fermenting and give it to your hogs as often as they will eat. It is said that pork may be fattened in this way, and make a saving of at least one third of the feed and time consumed in the usual mode.

tanning leather.

THE leaves of the oak are said to be equal to the bark for tanning leather, provided they are used in the month of September, when they possess the bitter sap which they afterwards lose.

tea, economy in the use of.

SAVE the tea leaves, dry them to a crisp, reduce them to a fine powder in a mortar; a tea spoonful in a rag, put into a tea pot, will be equal in quality and flavour to three tea spoonfuls of the leaves when first used.

tea kettles, to remove lime from.

TAKE one quarter of a pound of Spanish Whiting, put it into a teakettle, when full of water, and boil it for an hour, or until the lime is removed.