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To cleanse the Teeth and improve the breath.

TO four ounces of fresh prepared lime water add a drachm of Peruvian bark, and wash the teeth with this water in the morning before breakfast, and after supper. It will effectually destroy the tartar, and remove the offensive smell from those which have decayed.

Recipe for sore and ulcerated Gums, and a preservative for the Teeth.

MIX an equal quantity of the tincture of Jesuit's bark, and the tincture of myrrh. To a spoonful of this mixture add from three to five spoonsfull of water, as you wish it to be stronger or weaker, but the stronger you can use it the better. Take a table spoonfull of this diluted mixture into your mouth, keeping it there as long as you can, and washing the gum with it as well as you are able. Repeat this operation as often as convenient, and you will soon perceive the beneficial effects of it. Bo not rinse your mouth after it, but let the flavour remain.

tools, how tempered.

MAKE the tool red hot in the fire, and when red cherry colour, take it off from the fire, rub it with a piece of candle, and steep it immediately in good strong vinegar, in which you have diluted some soot.

Another way to temper Tools, when too brittle.

PLUNGE them in boiling fat for two hours; then take them out. and let them cool gradually.