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tooth ache.

Pill for an aching hollow Tooth.

TAKE half a grain each of opium, and yellow subsulphate of quicksilver, formerly called turpith mineral, make them into a pill, and place it in the hollow of the tooth some hours before bed time? with a small piece of wax over the hole.


CAMPHOR and opium held in the mouth; wet a bit of lint, or cotton with oil of cloves and apply it to the tooth; a blister behind the ear; a pepper corn bruised with hot brandy, and applied with a linen rag; grated ginger and the white of an egg made into a plaster and applied to the cheek. Scarify the gums, if swoln, with a lancet.

Another Remedy.

[From a London Magazine for 1811.]

PREPARE an infusion of the root of the narrow leafed dock, in the following manner: After washing the roots clean, bruise them all, and pour boiling water on them in a basin, until they are covered. Drink of this freshly made a teacupfull for three mornings in succession. Then, every other morning for a week or ten days. After which, omit it for nine days, then begin anew and proceed as before. It will usually be found to succeed after the second course. It is recommended by Mr. Merrick, who declares that he has derived a permanent cure from its use.