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herb mercury several times, and they will gradually waste away.


THE juice of a green bean, rubbed upon warts it is said will speedily eradicate them.


WEEDS are deadly foes to the farmer, but in the compost heap they become friends. They should be carefully eradicated and deposited in the compost heap before their seeds have matured lest they should be propagated by scattering the manure before the seeds have become completely rotten.

wen, Indian method of cure.

FIRST, take a pound of new butter, without salt, lay it in a coal oven; get a bull-frog without hurting it, says the Indian; the frog must be alive; lay the frog with the back down in the butter; bake the frog until it is well done; take it out, pour off the butter in a vessel and annoint the wen as often as you please in the course of a day. This cure has been tried on a wen that had been growing for thirty years, and had become quite painful with an itching. It ceased the first day this was tried, and sunk down very soon. In eight or nine months, the body of the wen was squeezed out without pain. The patient thinks it would have come out much sooner but she neglected it as it did not hurt. The application produced a curious sensation, as it was searching to the roots. Any person thus affected, need not hesitate to try the experiment as it is very simple. Richmond Compiler.