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ONE pint of Milk, five Eggs, one tea cup of Sugar, four table Spoonfulls of yeast, a piece of butter as big as the bowl of a large Spoon. Thicken with flour to a batter of suitable thickness.

burns and scalds.

ANOINT with Lime Water, or Proof Spirit and Lime Water. Then cover the part with a soft linnen rag, and cotton wool.

burnt tongue, black tongue, or scalded mouth of horses.

WASH and cleanse the mouth with Sweet Oil, and get into the horse as much as he will swallow, not exceeding one pint; then rub the throat with Spirits of Turpentine, Sweet Oil and Camphor, equal quantities, and well mixed.

The gentleman, who has furnished the above has had a number of horses in his stable sick with the above distemper, and after trying the various recipes has found this to be the most efficacious.

Salem Gazette.

cake, sponge

TAKE ten eggs, one pound of Sugar, one half pound of flour, beat the yolks, sugar and flour together.


TAKE leaves of Plantain and White Hoarhound, boil it in white wine—add a little salt, wash three or four times a day;