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Take snails, or earthworms. Bake them, and you obtain an ointment. Use it three or four times a day. To ease the pain apply fresh meat.

cancers, a Beer for.

TAKE Sarsaparilla roots, the tops and roots of the Whortle berry bush, and Hop roots, of each one pound; Blood root and Unicorn root, of each three ounces; Barley malt, half a peck. Make of these ingredients seven gallons of beer. Dose, from half a gill to a whole one three times a day.

caterpillars, best mode of destroying.

TAKE a long pole with a sponge at the end of it Dip this sponge in spirits of turpentine, and touch it thus charged to the nest. A small quantity of this pungent substance will diffuse itself over a large nest and destroy a great number of these troublesome and nauseous insects.

cathartic pill, mild.

MANDRAKE root, finely powdered, Extract of Butternut bark of each equal quantities; beat into a mass with a solution of Gum Arabic, and make it into pills of a moderate size; from two to six will operate gently as physic The extract of butternut is prepared by evaporating the water in which the bark has been boiled to a consistence fit for making pills, taking care not to burn it.

change of seeds.

THOSE plants, which are the natural growth of a country are not so liable to grow worse. The best countries and soils to procure seeds from for sowing are those, to which they are natural. Those seeds which