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eyes inflamed, a Collyrium for.

WHITE Vitriol 12 grains, Sugar of Lead 16 grains, water 8 ounces. Mix, and when the white powder has settled to the bottom, carefully decant so that no particle of the sediment may remain in the collyrium.

fellon, cure for.

TAKE a piece of rock salt about the size of a butternut or English walnut, and wrap it up closely in a green cabbage leaf, but if not to be had, in a piece of brown paper well moistened with water. Lay it on embers, and cover it up so as to roast; when it has been about twenty minutes take it out and powder it as fine as possible. Then take some hard soap and mix the powdered salt with it so as to make a salve. If the soap should contain but little turpentine, which its smell will determine, add some more, but if it smells pretty strongly of it none need be added. Apply the salve to the part affected, and in a short time it will totally destroy it and remove the pain.

flax, how to dress to look like Silk.

TAKE one part lime, and between two and three parts of wood ashes; pour over them a due proportion of water to make a strong lie, after they have stood together all night, which must be poured off when quite clear. Tie handfulls of Flax at both ends to prevent its entangling, but let the middle of each be spread open, and put into a kettle, on the bottom of which has been first placed a little straw with a cloth over it, then put another cloth over the flax, and so continue covering each layer of flax with a layer of cloth till the kettle is nearly full. Pour over the whole the clear lie and after boiling it for some hours, take it out, and throw it in cold water. This boiling &c. may be repeated it requisite. The flax must be each time dri-