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of the room; pour upon this a sufficient quantity of the oil of vitriol so as completely to saturate it, and shut the room up closely for an hour, in which time it will be found to be perfectly free from the offensive smell.


NUTGALLS, in powder 4 ounces, Logwood 2 ounces. These are to be boiled for an hour in six pounds, (three quarts) of water, or until one half is evaporated, It is then percolated through a hair sieve, and to the liquid are added, copperas 2 ounces, gum Arabic half an ounce, Blue Vitriol half an ounce, Sugar Candy half an ounce. It should be sufficiently warmed to dissolve these ingredients. It is then to be well stirred, and suffered to stand 24 hours It is then poured from the sediment, and should be preserved in well stopped glass or stone jars.

It is fit for immediate use. This composition was the formation of Mr. Ribancourt. It is unquestionably the best writing ink in use. Dr. Cox of Philadelphia says he has tried a great variety of recipes for the formation of ink, and has found none equal to this.

itch ointment.

HOGS' fat or fresh butter one pound. Salt, black pepper, ginger, and proof spirit of each one ounce, Let those which require pulverizing be finely powdered. Then mix the ingredients and simmer them over a slow fire one hour. Remove it and let it cool, so that no scent will be produced by the addition of flour of sulphur, of which add one half ounce, and spirits of turpentine about two common table spoonfulls. It should be constantly stirred until it cools. One ounce of this ointment is sufficient to cure a person. On commencing the use of it the clothes should be changed, and a