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little sulphur be taken daily. A little of the ointment should be rubbed on where there are pimples (without any roasting) every night, for about a week, when the itch will be cured. In the preparation of this ointment, if table spoonfulis be used, in lieu of ounces, it will answer every purpose.

This ointment is to be preferred to most others into which sulphur enters, because it produces little or no sulphurous scent, and compared with mercurial ointments of every kind it is equally certain; and, it is free from every danger, which is always great in the use of those ointments.


TAKE Hog's Lard and Sulphuric Acid, and simmer them together. Also,

Poke root and Hog's Lard.

jaundice, Cathartic sirup for.

White Ash Bark, Black Cherry Tree Bark, Butternut Tree Bark, White Poplar Bark, of each one pound. Let them be finely cut into chips, and put into three gallons of water; boil till one half is evaporated. Strain and simmer till there remains only one quart. Then add of proof Spirits and Molasses of each one half pint. Take from a table spoonful to a glass two or three times a day or sufficient to keep the bowels open.


TO prevent moths from attacking woolen clothes, or worms from destroying books, place in the drawers or corners of the shelves some of the roots or blade of of the Sweet Flag. A decoction of the same will pre-