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tiles, ointment for,

TAKE Nutgalls finely powdered, and Hog's Lard, and stir them together when the lard is cooling or nearly cold; or

Take the inner bark of the sweet elder, and simmer it with fresh butter. Use it night and morning.


MIX ten ounces of butter in six pounds of dry flour and ten ounces of Sugar, twelve of Currants, and five of powdered Pimento. Six spoonfulls of yeast to a pint of milk warmed.

poisons. Remedy for.

SPRINKLE flour over the part and cover it with green leaves.

pudding, Boiled Bread.

GRATE with bread, pour boiling milk over it, and cover close. When soaked an hour or two beat it fine and mix it with two or three eggs well beaten. Put it into a basin that will just hold it; tie a floured cloth over it, and put it into boiling water. Serve it up with melted butter poured over it. It may be eaten with salt or sugar.

pudding, Yorkshire.

MIX five spoonsfull of flour with one quart of milk and three eggs, well beaten. Butter the pan and bake it.